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Review Rempah Mandi ( Herbal Bath ) + Salt Therapy

$ 3 ~ $ 2 @

Made from 100% natural herbal ingredients
highly recommended for salon & spa home

1 bag usage can to 3x
Consists of :
- 3pcs bath spices
- 3pcs salt therapy
use once a week interrupted during your busy day.

Bath herbs is one of the traditional treatments cultural heritage of Indonesia that has been done for centuries. This treatment was once a tradition for the daughters of the palace to keep the inner and outer beauty. They believe, bath herbs can make the body more radiating aura.

Efficacy Spice Bath or Herbal Bath:

- Smooth the skin, overcome various skin complaints (itching, acne, or starter eringat)
- Eliminates body odor (mengharuman body), calm the mind and emotions
- Reduce muscle tension
- Provide nutrition to the skin, improve sirjkulasi O2 and peripheral blood circulation
- Maintain skin moisture, prevents skin wrinkles
- Refreshing and nourish the skin, eliminate fatigue and lethargy

Not just good for beauty, bath herbs are also beneficial for maintaining a healthy body. The content of substances in various types of spices can make blood circulation flowing smoothly so as fatigue, dizziness, insomnia and even no longer haunt you.