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Review Cooking salt Himalaya Organique 500gr

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  1. The Himalayan salt contains more minerals than ordinary salt and contains electrolytes which are useful for the body.
  2. Himalayan Salt better to introduce a salty taste in food for infants and toddlers.
  3. The Himalayan Salt is good for those who suffer from hypertension.
  4. Himalayan salt is easily absorbed by our body than regular salt.
Benefits of using Himalayan Salt:
1. Containing 84 kinds of minerals
2. Set the levels of the water level in the body to balance the body functions
3. Prevent hypertension can lead to heart attacks and storke
4. Preventing urinary stone disease / kidney stones
5. Helps overcome asthma, muscle cramps, osteoporosis
6. Balancing excess acid / acids in the body and brain
7. Help function of the respiratory system and sinus mengatari
8. Increasing absorption ability of dietary nutrients in the stomach
9. Balancing blood sugar levels
10. Help overcome the aging / aging

By packaging STANDING POUCH which has FUNNEL POUR resealable, allowing you to put in your kitchen and make it easier to use and maintain the condition of the salt that is in good condition.

Provide always Himalayan salt in your kitchen for food consumption of your family so that your family be healthier.